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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. For humanities strongest, going on a rookie expedition was no problem, he would go out and cripple any titan that came his was, trying not to let rookies become sweet snacks as per order of the higher ups, and with all that skill in one body, Levi could get through anything The Jaeger ruled the Kingdom of Asbal for generations and for generations, this family had nothing but Alphas until Eren came, he was the youngest of 3 siblings and he was the only omega.

It was likely because of this that he was spoiled rotten and grew up getting whatever he wants. As all the other royals, they have their own servants loyal only to them. Levi came in the long line of proud Alphas of the Ackerman who have served the royal line for generations and he was tasked to serve his royal highness pain in the ass.

yandere levi x reader

But no matter, Levi can endure getting soaked by coffee, crawling the floor to appease the royal omega or even kissing his highness's feet, he can endure all that and more, because Eren was his. Not that the Omega knew though. Levi Ackerman soha nem gondolta volna, hogy gyereket fog nevelni. You have been given an opportunity to work at Reiss Mental Asylum— your job hunting hasn't been great, so to hear you got an opportunity made you excited.

At the beginning everything seems normal— but without noticing, some people began to get obsessed with you. How will you survive when they love you just a little too much? Like really dark or sum. You can do whatever you want! Thank you I love your blog!

Eren, despite being a source of fear within the Survey Corps, is also lusted after by many for his startling beauty. Captain Levi is no exception, though his desire for Eren grows darker and more twisted every day. What started out as simple attraction quickly morphs into a deep obsession. One night, after witnessing someone else kissing Eren, Levi's self control snaps. His need to possess Eren, to have the brunette all to himself, consumes him. What will happen when Levi can't hold himself back anymore?

Basically me just being a slut for Levi being yandere towards Eren.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Remember Me. The conditions were simple. As long as Eren was in Levi's custody, the top brass would leave all decisions regarding him entirely at the captain's discretion. Eren is abused at home by his father.

He has been abused for almost all his life since he was nine years old. Practically since his mother has died, well, murdered actually.

One day, when he goes to school, at some point, he accidentally bumps into the school's new heart throb, Levi Ackerman, who also happens to be the new guy around. And like most of Levi's fans, Eren develops a tiny little crush on the older boy.

After their little bump in, Levi develops a huge crush on the timid, younger boy, feeling a need to protect him at all costs. So what happens when Levi finally finds out that people, both bullies and at home, have been hurting his sweet little Eren?

He gets furious and kills them of course. As Levi's "pet" you had certain securities.

yandere levi x reader

Or so you had thought. Eren is just beginning high school and catches the interest of someone who turns his world upside down.

Your boyfriend wanted to know what you had fantasized about. So, you told him the first of many stories that the two of you would share. You told him about his loving you This is gore laced smut. Gore and Fluff tag? I think of the blood and gore as a bit mild considering the genre Please do not trigger yourself.

Levi knew he probably had a problem. After being thrown out of your neglectful parents house, a raven haired man who welcomes you into his arms is an unlikely savior in your wretched predicament.

Join me in what has become my adventure to force two characters together while closely following the canon story simply because I enjoy the challenge of it as opposed to actually shipping the characters!

Levi x Chubby! We were high school sweethearts, married straight after college, bought a house together, and while he put his degree to use, I choose to be a stay at home wife. But things were a little too perfect Eren makes the trip to Lousiana to see his sister, Mikasa. It's one of my favourite movies of all time, not to mention, love story. I thought some characters from AOT would fit in perfectly with the characters of Heathers and wanted to make this crossover and have been for a while now.

I hope you enjoy, whatever the outcome may be Please bear in mind that this a lemon involving a yandere. While it is not non-con, there is still some unsettling content included here. Not anyone, not even god or the devil. He will bind her, tear off her wings and reduce her faith into ashes. She belonged to him the moment she said yes.

She should've ran far away when she had the chance. But not even the protective walls of the convent could shield her from his dark obsession.Originally posted by dreaming-of-tokyo. Originally posted by omaewamou-shindeiru. Originally posted by tamayasipha. Keep reading. Originally posted by ravenpathetic. I got extremely into this, which is why it became the 2.

You were stronger than most, and you knew that. You had no problem boasting about the amount of titan kills that you had, strutting through the lunch hall with a cocky grin painted on your face. You spent your free time training, building up muscle and stamina. Squats were a favourite of yours. To push up from the tree branches and into the air, you needed the strength.

So, you built up the muscles in your calves and thighs of course you worked on your upper body too … and your ass. Come on, if everyone was going to stare at you, you would give them something to stare at.

When you noticed the icy stare of the strongest in the camp, Corporal Levi, trained on you as you sauntered through the dining hall, you were shocked… and a little embarrassed. He continued to watch as you made your way to the front, picking up a tray and loading your dinner on, hands shaking as you felt his watchful gaze situate itself on your ass. You hurriedly made your way to your table, greeting your gobsmacked friends as you sat down politely, and definitely not with the usual boisterous attitude you usually had.

They began to shout questions at you, wondering why you were acting so unusually shy. You did your best to calm their worried selves, and they reluctantly let your behaviour slide. Red flushed up your throat as you whipped back around, before shoving a mouthful of bread in your mouth, muttering an excuse before retiring to your bedroom.

But as you turned around, he was no longer in his seat. Striding into training the next morning, you greeted your friends as normal and began to stretch as everyone awaited instructions. A buzzing not unlike bees began to spread throughout the field, and as you turned around to check what all the commotion was about, your jaw dropped.

Corporal Levi was speaking with your usual instructor, who grinned before addressing the crowd. He seemed to give similar instructions to your usual squad leader, but each word left no room for refusal with each demand. His deep voice commanded the crowd with ease, with everyone being too afraid of punishment to slack off in any way.

Soon, the warm-ups were over, and it was time for sparring matches. You paired up with your usual partner, but before you could begin, a pale hand slid over your shoulder with impeccable grip.Where could they have gone to?

yandere levi x reader

Oh, please be alright Eren. Tears flow down from my eyes but I wiped it away for I needed to be strong in order to save him. Without a warning, Auruo suddenly appeared out of nowhere, panting and gasping, trying to catch his breath and then finally speaks.

yandere levi x reader

When I saw Levi-heichou outside, he's not in his usual self so I thought that I needed to inform you guys. Go and inform Commander Erwin about this as well, we'll go and try to stop Levi-heichou from doing anything. There's not much time. It'll help us a lot. I'll be going now. You guys be careful. Eren knows that questioning him again would just bother him so he stopped. They walk silently, passing tree by tree until they saw an open area; a grassland. Eren observed the area and finally came into a realization.

The place seems familiar to him. This is the place where we test my titan-shifting skills together with Hanji-san and there's that empty well, I won't forget about that. He turned his head to face the corporal but to his shock, his expression is different. There, he feels that something strange is going on with Levi.

His expression sends shivers run down Eren's spine. He can sense a killing intent coming from the corporal. Like a hungry predator who founds its prey and ready to kill and tore it apart. His body couldn't move; he was stuck on the ground like his feet are already glued in place. Bullets of sweat formed all over Eren's face as Levi moved closer to him. He trembles at every step he took. He swallowed the lump in his throat, trying to set aside his fear but he can't, Levi's piercing eyes is enough to scare him off.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 3 4. Under Editing. Levi, Mommy! He knows this, but he doesn't want you to know this. You are the reason he still lives. But still he can't control himself Levi was livid. He had the perfect opportunity to get everyone back for how they treated him and he missed it. His thoughts ran back to the new girl. It was her fault.

If she hadn't asked him for that damn pencil, then he would have done it! He flung himself onto his bed and closed his eyes, her face being the first thing he saw when he did.

He snapped his eyes open and glared at nothing in particular. A soft knock sounded against his door. Whoever it was didn't wait for permission before entering. Levi's gaze caught that of his mother's at the entrance of his room. Kuchel was the only source of love Levi had and that didn't bother him none. His father wasn't in the picture, having died when Levi was a child during a drug deal gone bad. Levi's uncle, Kenny, was around but only to mooch off of his younger sister.

Levi's gaze shifted to the handkerchief that covered his mother's newly bald head. Levi had recently learned that Kuchel had kept her cancer a secret for 6 months. Once she began losing her hair due to the chemo, there was no way she could keep it from her son.Alright this was my first try at Levi!

I hope I did well enough of a job! She was dirty. His angel had been tainted, by that boy. Why did she like him? He was better. He was stronger. He was smarter. He was a great leader. But that boy was nothing compared to him, yet she was head over heels for him. Which is why he did it so that when they went on another hunt on titans. He trapped him, and the titan caught him.

Of course nobody saw that. The last thing that the boy saw was his glare and a small grin on his lips. The next day people were mourning over the few people that died. But they all stopped rather quickly and went back to their duties. Well almost everyone. His angel was crying. His angel was clean again, and now that she was. He could be together with her.

He would just have to wait a little bit more, before he would confront her. But for now he would just admire her from afar, and keep her clean. Oh my, this absolute baby. This absolute angel. Believe me she is such a good girl for real. She is so sweet and happily bakes you cookies and other treats. That cute smile is seemingly always on her lips.

An absolutely amazing listener and is gladly a shoulder to cry on. She loves giving hugs and since she is smol then she would love to be picked up as well if possible. Because fuck such a baby. Also never curses, literally never. She is adorable and pure but she is a yandere so of course not everything about her is good.

Even in her Yandere mode she is still a softie! She would never kill anyone, never hurt anyone, she might go as far as to hurt herself though so you'd stay with her. Hurting you is a huge no no and she is too weak and fragile to wanna hurt anybody else. She can be manipulative though, uses her tears as her weapon and just guilt trips even if she honestly isn't fully aware of that. Like she doesn't understand that what she is doing can be seen as manipulation or guilt tripping.

Kidnapping for her is the absolute last resort and she really doesn't want to go through with that, but if she would then she would be incredibly remorseful and do anything so you'd be comfortable.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title.


Chapter 1 2. My cadet. I love you so much. I just wanted to warn you ya'll. There will be a little bit, just a little bit of gore in this chapter.

Hc’s for yandere levi:

This book will basically be a lemon book, so expect a lot of that. No lemon in this chappie tho.

Yandere!Levi x Reader-Part 1

Levi picked up the axe ready to strike at the trembling young male before him. Levi was raging, his chest heaving up and down, he was laughing. He was laughing at how pathetic the kid looked. Did this pipsqueak think he could really get away with this? He had to pay for everything he did. The teen was on the floor with his hands up trying to shield himself from the madman, tears streaming down his seemingly flawless cheeks.

He was so young and good looking. Levi envied him. You ruined absolutely everything! You deserve a special place in hell! He moved away quickly trying to dodge the attack, but Levi still ended up getting him. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

yandere levi x reader

He attempted to scream, but nothing came out. The prolonged span Levi kept him in that wintry room made him end up with a severely dry throat, making it impossible for any noise to come out of it.

His blood was starting to pool on the floor at a fast pace. He swung it around in front of his face mockingly, slapping him with it in the process. Levi froze when he heard that voice. The most beautiful voice.

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